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Amy and Darrell Bushnell

Amy and Darrell Bushnell have lived full-time in Nicaragua since 2006. Amy has an art studio/gallery in Granada where she teaches art five days a week. Darrell hosts a popular website for Nicaragua expats and wannabees but also publishes a weekly community newsletter. We are heavily involved in several community projects and foundations. Painted Pony Horse Tours is on their farm just outside of Granada.

Nicki and Scott Hed

Nicki and Scott Hed recently moved from South Dakota to Nicaragua, after visiting the country many times since 2011. Their home is just up the road from Painted Pony Horse Tours. Scott works as a consultant on conservation projects in the United States. Nicki is looking forward to being involved with community service projects in their new home country. In their free time, they enjoy traveling, fishing, wildlife viewing, and spending time with their four-legged kids.

Wilfredo Calero

Wilfredo lives in Granada with his wife, Ani and their two children. He has worked with horses many years and keeps his own horse at Painted Pony stables. Wilfredo participates in the many Hipicas of Nicaragua. He is the foreman on the farm, and as the lead trail guide, he guides many of the horse tours.

Dedication - All of our team members, at Painted Pony Tours, office staff, guides are full time tourism professionals. We live here in Nicaragua and are proud to show the exceptional beauty Granada has to offer to our visitors. We exist for a singular purpose – to make your Nicaraguan vacation a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Choose us, at Painted Pony Tours, to show you the less traveled path - on horseback!